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Europe and the EU as a whole have taken strong initiative to combat poverty and social exclusion throughout its countries. They rightly see that if all groups are allowed to prosper than all the nations will achieve greater success. That’s why the Roma Conference EU was called for. It takes place in March 2011 and they have several goals. The overarching theme is to discuss all the EU programs that involve the Roma minority and how those programs are helping the Roma people or how they’re failing to do what they set out to achieve.

The Roma Conference is part of the European Year for Combating Poverty and Social Exlusion, a wide-reaching initiative by the EU looking to eliminate suffering of groups that have been discriminated against. While the conference runs there will be a collection of experts on the Roma culture talking and sharing their knowledge so attendees can get more familiar with the people they’re trying to help, which is awfully smart. The more people know the more they’ll sympathize with the Roma and that can only help lead to the social equality they seek. There will also be an exhibition of projects that have been successful in helping to integrate the Roma into society.

Roughly 450 guests are expected to attend and participate in the Roma Conference. There are decision makers that can help put into action the plans that are discussed at the conference. There are experts on the Roma that will share their knowledge. There are planners and so much more. The event is open to the press and all are urged to cover it and spread the word on what they’re trying to accomplish. The entirety of the conference will be available in three languages and the opening remarks will be available in 12 languages.

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