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Without question, the Roma are the most discriminated against people in Europe. They suffer derision and scorn at every turn. Their children find it hard to receive proper education, their adults find it hard to get proper jobs, and it’s often impossible to find a suitable place to live so they setup up encampments wherever they can. That sort of life often leads to crushing despair, but there’s a large number of Roma Christians that turn to God to help them through their tough lives.

That’s why Mirek Richter, the pastor of a Roma churg in the Czech Republic, organized a Roma conference for Roma Christians. He wanted to gather them all together so they could sing songs of praise, celebrate their faith, and take solace in the fact that even though most of Europe finds them detestable and actively discriminates against them that God will always have his arms open to receive the Roma in their time of need and help them through any adversity that may come their way. The conference was held in Brno, Czech Republic and featured many attendees sharing their passion for a life in service to Christ and his causes of good.

The participants of the Roma conference worked in the community on outreach missions to improve the lives of others. They shared stories of how God has touched their lives and saved them from times of trouble. They sang and danced and celebrated the wonder of life even though they often feel abused and discriminated against. The power of faith was on display in an impressive way and it lifts the heart to see people that have struggled so much still find joy with such ease. The Roma Christian movement helps families achieve a greater sense of community and have greater success in Europe.

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